The app is free worldwide and one can download it at any point of time. The VLC for iOS version 2.0 will be an open source. Also, this time VLC will be bi-licensed both under Mozilla Public License Version 2 and GNU General Public License Version 2 or later.

The apple had pulled out the VLC app back in January 2011. The app was removed after various issues because Apple store App ruled conflict with various parts of the GPL license under which it was released.

The new version of the VLC is much smoother. VideoLAN says this is more than just an upgrade of the initial version, it’s a full re-write. Also, the app is way faster and supports all video files that VLC media player for desktop does.

In addition to its original feature, Video LAN has added much more ways to synchronize media, like upload over Wi-Fi, Dropbox Intergration, support third party apps and via Web download. There is also support for subtitles, support for multiple audio track and playback on external screens or AirPlay.