The headphones have an over-ear design and a one button microphone with a  SpeakEasy Mic for smartphones. There is also a three-button control module on the headphone to tinker with volume, tracks and activate voice and call controls.

The headphone has a frequency of 5Hz – 30,000Hz and the impedance is 30 Ohms. (Higher impedance means these can be used with a wider range of audio equipment.) The headphones have a battery life of about 12 hours and can be used with bluetooth devices.

The V-Moda Crossfade Wireless headphone is clubbed with a cable to ensure the unlimited use of the device.

V-Moda says Crossfade Wireless comes with expansive sound stage quality to give the feel of a live performance. The headphones do not have an active noise cancellation feature, but the company claims the design will cut out distractions of jet engines, crying babies and crowd noise, etc.