The manner in which the Bombay High Court was compelled to grant bail to stud farm owner Hasan Ali who enjoyed the dubious distinction of biggest operator of black money in the country clearly reflects the intriguing investigation carried out in the case by the Enforcement Directorate. The fact has been established by the High Court report which mentions the failure of the investigating agency to prove Ali guilty of amassing the wealth through crafty means of crime. According to the High Court, the case prepared by the Enforcement Directorate against Hasan Ali did not have any evidence to prove the earnings illegal. Is it not bewildering that Enforcement Directorate has failed to collect concrete evidence to prevent a bail to Hasan Ali, who was arrested on charges of misappropriation of deposits to the tune of several crores and heads the list of tax evaders in the country? Is it the reluctance of Enforcement Directorate to probe the case against Hasan Ali which is the main cause behind the bail order? After all, it is a fact that he was arrested only after the observation of the Supreme Court while hearing the black money case. Similarly, the probe against Ali in the fake passport case was intensified only after the Supreme Court cracked it’s whip on the issue. 

Though the Enforcement Directorate may have certain alibis in defense, it’s efficiency has been exposed during the entire investigation in which the agency could only collect information regarding various account of Hasan Ali in Foreign banks. Having a bank account in foreign country is not a crime, specifically when the Indian agencies are clueless about the amount in the account and source of earnings and transactions related to that. Even though the Enforcement Directorate is going to challenge the High Court decision in the Supreme Court, the question arises, how would the investigating agency raise strong arguments in the case without bereft of strong evidences? Undoubtedly, the Enforcement Directorate probe in the black money case has proved completely ineffective.  The incompetent Enforcement Directorate has nullified the tall claims of the Union Government regarding it’s steadfastness in the investigations process. Now it has become more evident as far as the controlling of the racket of black money is concerned it seems unlikely to be solved in the present government’s tenure. The fact cannot be overlooked that initially the Union Government was hesitant to form a Special Investigating Team to probe into the black money case but when the Supreme Court ordered to form the team, the Centre realized it’s responsibilities to act upon. The Union Government is not happy with the inclusion of former Judges of Supreme Court and members of different agencies in the Special Investigation Team as well. Therefore, it comes as no major surprise that the Centre is going to challenge the Supreme Court order. This attitude of the Union Government show it’s indifference on the issue of black money.