The company in a statement said it wants to clarify its position, the outcome and the way forward on the EA 189 diesel engine topic in its meetings with the Indian government and Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). According to the statement, Volkswagen Group India intimated why it believes that its cars are not equipped with a 'defeat device'.

"Furthermore, the findings from the evaluations undertaken by Volkswagen Group India under the observation of ARAI show that the tested cars of the brands Volkswagen, SKODA and Audi are not violating the Bharat Stage IV (BS IV) emission norms in India," it said.

To come to a common conclusion on this topic, further meetings with the road transport and highways ministry will take place, the company added. The company said it has announced a voluntary recall of all cars with EA 189 engines in India.

"Volkswagen Group India will implement technical updates in accordance with the timelines presented to the authorities," the statement said. "The 2.0-litre engines will get a software update. In the 1.5-litre and 1.6-litre engines, a 'flow transformer' will be fitted in front of the air mass sensor. In addition, a software update will also be performed on these engines. The measure for the 1.2-litre engines will be announced shortly," the company said.

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