Lucknow: In what could be bizarre thing in present competitive scenario, the government offices of Uttar Pradesh remain closed for 183 days in a year. 182 working days in a year shows that the government employees are on holidays for almost half a year.

There are 52 Sundays + 52 Saturdays + 33 Gazetted holidays + 02 registered holidays + 14 casual leaves + 30 earned leaves available to the government employees in a year in state. Actually, the need to keep an account of total holidays surfaced when the Akhilesh Yadav government announced holiday on Valmiki Jayati a day back.  

It is a paradox that in such a scenario when the state government's top priority remains development. The Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s during his seven months tenure, has announced two more holidays for the state employees.

Given the CM’s generosity, people have now started to demand holidays on Uda Devi Jayanti, Rana Pratap Jayanti and Lohia Jayanti as well.   


In the last decade, almost a dozen holidays has been declared adding the gazetted holiday’s list to 33 in the year. All the three major political parties of the state, Samajwadi party, Bahujan Samaj Party and Bhartiya Janta Party have tried to woo voters by announcing holidays.

During the Rajnath Singh’s tenure as the CM, holidays were announced on Cheti Chand and Mahraja Agrasen Jayanti. Mulayam Singh also declared holiday on ‘Alvida ki namaz’ to woo minority voters. He also declared holidays on Hazrat Ali Jayanti, when he came to know that by doing this the Shia community can be flattered.

Then, BSP also announced holidays on Parshuram Jayanti to gain support from the Brahmin.


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