He also expressed his concern over the spread of cyber terrorism and crimes through social media platforms and advocated for an effective law to check the menace.

"Our view is that justice is for everybody, opportunities are for everyone and refusal to no one. Our vision is clear. We believe that the immediate frenzy of communalism has a root in vote bank politics,” the Chief Minister said.

"The solution to this problem cannot be found by blaming a particular organization or group and making it a scapegoat for the failure of others," Chouhan said in his speech at the meeting of the National Integration Council (NIC).

The Chief Minister said that officials present on ground should be given a "free hand" to work and should be kept insulated from any political interference.

Making an apparent reference to former state Chief Minister and Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh, Chouhan said, "If you see the facts of these glib talking, you will see that these states (BJP ruled) do not nurture religion as vote bank. These states have been free of communal riots in the last decade because they do not indulge in politics of separation and neither the administration has been compelled to take sides of any particular religious community," he said.


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