"The people of Jammu province, who have all along played an important role in defeating the separatists and communal forces in the Valley, will see through the evil game plan of Congress which is hand-in-glove with the pro-autonomy NC and other divisive outfits," BJP state general secretary Bali Bhagat told reporters in Jammu.
"Vote for Congress will be vote for Kashmiri separatism. The people should not vote for the Congress as it supports separatists and communal forces of Kashmir," he added.
Bali said the policy of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government towards Pakistan and Kashmir has not undergone any change and alleged that if the party is voted to power once again it would ‘play a mischief and will not hesitate to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan’.
"Even otherwise, Congress doesn't deserve a single vote from the people of Jammu province. For, it came to power in 2002 and 2009 with the support of the people of Jammu, but did not honour even a single commitment it had made in its election manifestos," he said.
Congress, in 2002, had promised delimitation and regional development board, but failed to honour its commitment. In 2008, it had among other things promised regional council for Jammu and delimitation, but again let down the people by not taking any step in this regard, Bali said.
He said that the Congress cannot be trusted in Jammu as in the rest of the country.
He urged the people not to waste their precious votes by voting for the Congress as he claimed BJP's Narendra Modi is all set to become the next Prime Minister.

Bali said that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections are very crucial. The outcome of this electoral exercise will determine the future of India.
Vote for BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will be a vote for peace, prosperity, development, social amity, religious harmony and national integration, he said.
A BJP government at the Centre would also empower the people of neglected Jammu province and social groups like refugees from West Pakistan.
"Vote for the Congress will be a negation of all that the nation has been longing for since years," he added.
Bali also said that Congress symbolizes corruption and stands for an ideology that pits one region against another, divides society on caste and communal lines, undermines constitutional and democratic associations, helps the separatists hold Kashmiri people aloof from the mainstream politics.
He claimed that in 2006, when Congress's Ghulam Nabi Azad was the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir he had suggested that there should be ‘India-Pakistan joint control over the state waters, power projects, agriculture, forestry, environment and tourism’.


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