Rae Bareli: Exhorting the electorate to vote for Congress to get rid of fear and backwardness, Congress star campaigner Priyaka Gandhi on Thursday asked people to exercise their franchise for a new trend in politics which is dedicated to people.

Addressing an election meeting in Sadar Assembly segment of the constituency from where Akhilesh Singh, the sitting MLA having a criminal record is seeking re-election, Priyanka said the question before the people is whether they want to be "free of backwardness and terror or not".

Singh is a Peace Party candidate this time.

"Think seriously and use your vote judiciously for development of the area," she said.

"It should be for bringing a new trend in politics and a leader who is dedicated to you...you have to take an important decision on February 19 to vote for yourself, your area as well as state to be rid of backwardness and fear."

"Leave backwardness and fear behind, get rid of it and move ahead," she said.

In democracy, the real power is in your hands and the real responsibility is also yours," she said, adding that it is not the question of election of one MLA but of the future of the people.

Priyanka is presently camping in her family pocket borough Rae Bareli for the party.