New Delhi: People in several areas of the city on Sunday could not vote despite having the Electoral Photo Identity card as they were allegedly sent back by authorities for not possessing a letter issued by the State Election Commission requesting citizens to vote.

Residents in South and North Delhi complained that they were not allowed to vote despite having valid photo identity card.

"I was told that I cannot vote as I did not receive the letter (from the commission)," said Krishna Kumar, a resident of Nizamuddin in South Delhi.

However, Commission officials said it was not mandatory to carry the letter and clear instructions were given that Electoral Photo Identity Card holders were totally entitled to vote.

In a unique initiative, Delhi's State Election Commission has sent personalised letters to each of the 1.15 crore voters requesting them to vote in the civic polls.

The personalised letters, delivered by EC staff in 272 wards, have all the required details for voters like location of polling station, serial number in the voters' list and name of the ward, besides photo of the voter.

People in Rajouri Garden, Laxmi Nagar, Mehrauli and     some other areas also claimed that they were not allowed to vote for not possessing the letter.

"I could not vote as they (commission officials) said I should have carried the letter. I did not receive any such letter," said a voter.