Azamgarh will witness interesting fight between Mulayam and his onetime close aide and sitting MP Ramakant Yadav of BJP. However, BSP candidate Shah Alam alias Guddu Jamali has made the contest triangular. He has his own reason to win the seat anticipating division in Yadav votes as there is two candidates belong to this community. Congress nominee Arvind Jaiswal is trying hard to make the contest multi-cornered.

Bajbahadurpur resident Tariq Imran says that fate of Netaji and Guddu Jamali depends on how many Yadav votes BJP is going to grab in the polls. Irshad Ahmed of Hafizpur, however, makes it clear that the fight is triangular here. Everybody is fighting against Mulayam Singh, Ahmed says. Azamgarh Lok Sabha constituency comprises Gopalpur, Sagri, Mubarakpur, Azamgarh and Mehnagar assembly seats. All the assembly segments except Mubarakpur were won by SP candidates in 2012.  BSP candidate Guddu Jamali registered victory on Mubarakpur seat. Jamali has been rewarded with LS ticket from Azamgarh this time around. Total of 18 candidates are in the fray. There is no vacant room in the hotels and lodges in the city, thanks to SP chief contesting from here.

Triangular fight in Azamgarh

In the three-cornered contest, both the SP and the BSP are of opinion that they are in fight with BJP. SP office bearer Omprakash Rai and Balrampur resident Molai Prajapati say that BSP is out of contest. The SP candidate is in direct fight with BJP nominee, says Rai. At the same time, Rammani and SP Chaturvedi claim that contest is between BJP and BSP. Had Netaji not been in fray from here, the SP would have been at the receiving end. Virendra Pandey of BJP says that voters are not thinking about Ramakant Yadav and his community, but they are going to change the fate of India by making Modi Prime Minister of the country.

Polarisation of castes

Mulayam Singh Yadav is playing all his tricks to keep Muslim-Yadav votes intact in his favour. The worrying factor is that Ramakant Yadav and Guddu Jamali are encroaching upon Yadav and Muslim voters respectively. Thakur voters are against Yadav domination in the area, while Brahmin and Bhumihar voters are divided. Other Backward Castes barring Yadavs are also weighing their identity in the polls. Furniture shop owner Ashok Vishwakarma says that EBC voters will play important role this time around as Azamgarh has been witnessing straight fight so far. With the prestigious constituency set to witness triangular contest for the first time, the role of such castes assume significance. But Narad Vishwakarma says that Mulayam Singh is ahead in the race.


The political leaders are coining new slogans daily. ‘Ek Dabao-Do Harao’ (press one-defeat two) slogan is seen everywhere in the constituency. Gandhi Post-Graduate College Maltari Students Union former president Satyendra Prasad Singh openly declares that he is supporting Guddu Jamali. In fact, Thakurs and Yadavs are at logger heads since long time. In 1989, Janata Dal candidate Tripurari Pujan Singh was riding on Bofors wave but failed to make it to the Parliament as Yadavs had unitedly supported BSP candidate Ramkrishna Yadav. The anger remains here.


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