New Delhi: Here’s some good news for Delhiites who run from pillar to post for their registration in voters list. Soon, the voters will be able to register and correct their names and address in the voters list online, provided they fall in the same constituency.

The Delhi Election Commission is upgrading its system, which is expected to commence within three weeks. Under the provision, new voters will be able to apply for their election cards and track the same online.

The website of state election commission will also have registration form so that voters of 18 years or above can add their names to the voters list.

Four types of application forms will be uploaded on the website. Form-6 for registration in the voters list, Form-7 to remove name, Form-8 to make corrections in the name and Form-8A for change in address of same constituency will be available.

After filling the required form, voters will be able to track the status after a week.

According to Chief Election Commissioner of Delhi Rina Ray, people do not have time to visit election office for registering their names or making corrections in the list.

After the service is launched, people will be able to make changes online, official said.

Online monitoring system

After filling the online application form, a team of officials will check the record and addresses of voters. Booth Level Officer (BLO) will take a print out of the form and visit the house of the voter.

After confirming the details, the data will be uploaded. Then, another team of senior officials will check the online report and in case of any suspicion the team can cancel it.

If everything is correct, the name will automatically get added to the list and a day after one can collect the election card from the regional election office.