Opposition’s demand for action on the reports put forward by the Shunglu Committee clearly indicates that the government is reluctant to implement the Committee’s suggestions. Doubts over the Centre’s action arises all the more because it is silent on those points which raise fingers at Delhi’s Lt Governor Tejinder Khanna, CM Sheila Dikshit and many other officials in Union Ministry for their involvement in the CWG scam. The Shunglu Committee’s conclusion that only Organising Committee’s Chairman Suresh Kalmadi cannot be held responsible for various illegal activities and corruptions in the Commonwealth Games is quite logical. After all, if Kalmadi had a limited budget and if only the organisation of CWG was under him, then holding him accountable for all the other shortcomings in the CWG make no sense. No one can refute the fact that other than improving the sports bodies and buildings in the national capital, crores of rupees went in undeserved pockets in the name of building up the rudimentary infrastructure of Delhi during the CWG. When corruption was rampant at every level, then all those guilty persons occupying positions in different levels should be put to task. The ruling government cannot end its duties by making Kalmadi a scapegoat, and this should not be done. If the Central Government is really determined not to tolerate any kind of corruption, it should also work on the suggestions of the Shunglu Committee with the same commitment which it showed during its formation. It has to act towards all those who failed to do their duties properly, whether they may be officials or leaders.
The Central Government should remember that the nation has not forgotten the embarrassment which it had to face in front of the whole world during the Games due to crores of rupees being splurged and many scrambling over that. It cannot be accepted that officials working in different departments act according to their whims and fancies and the people heading the departments do not even know about it. The truth is that media’s early exposure of the scam failed to make any impact and the nation was compelled to witness this bizarre drama which unfolded gradually. It is true that the Centre seems committed to ascertain the CWG corruption, but its genuine concern can only be taken into account when it will take action against those officials who were absolutely failed to carry out their duties. No matter what claims the government make about its intentions to curb corruption, the present scenario points towards the lack of genuine concern on its part. And a small example of it is the avoidance by the Centre to act against a Minister in the Delhi government held guilty by Lokayukt in a case.