Los Angeles: Waitresses who wear red colour clothes get up to 26 per cent extra in tips from male customers than they would otherwise, researchers have claimed.
The findings published in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, higher tips come only from male customers, while female diners give the same amounts for service every time.
In their study of 272 restaurant customers, researchers found men gave between 15 per cent and 26 per cent more to waitresses wearing red, while colour had no effect on female patrons' tipping behaviour at all.
Previous research has found that red increases the physical and sexual attractiveness of women, the researchers explained.
Researchers Nicolas Gueguen and Celine Jacob instructed 11 waitresses in five restaurants to wear the same tee shirt in different colours (black, white, red, blue, green, and yellow) on different days over a six-week period.
The waitresses were instructed to have neutral behavior toward all customers and to record how much they received as a tip from each customer.
"As red colour has no negative effect on women customers, it could be in their interest to wear red clothes at work," the study said.


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