The Enforcement Directorate detained Hasan Ali Khan, a controversial businessman and multi-billionaire tax evader, for questioning in connection with a money laundering case. The EDs fresh round of Khan’s questioning follows Supreme Courts observation last week against the investigating agencies not interrogating him in custody. This could have been done much earlier, but the government was dilly-dallying on taking action against the tainted businessman. The government was in the know that he was a tax evader but avoided to put him under scanner. When the Apex Court reprimanded the government, the ED swung into action and finally Ali was arrested. Going by the lackadaisical attitude of the government, it seems hardly that the investigating agencies will be able to stack evidence against the controversial businessman. The lax approach of the Centre clearly indicates that there are two laws in this country for the same crime—first, applicable on persons like Hasan Ali and second, for common man. The name of Hasan Ali as a tax evader did not come up recently, rather he earned notoriety years ago. Needless to say that had the Supreme Court not come down strongly against the businessman, he would have been moving around scot free.

It is an irony that the Central government took soft stand on him despite knowing that his alleged involvement in terror activities and relationship with weapon merchants. The nation wants to know why the government did not apply Terrorism Prevention Act on him? This is not the responsibility of Supreme Court to direct the government on what action should be taken against whom. It spells a bad message that the government is spineless in taking action against unscrupulous persons. It is worth mentioning that a senior official was recently targeted for trying to take action against Ali in the fake passport case. This is highly deplorable and sheer disregard for constitutionally entrenched rules and regulations. Although the Centre has shown its earnestness in dealing with the black money issue, there is yawning gap between its words and actions because the Minister of State for Finance said the government has decided to study the black money issue and it would take one and half years to spot black money in the country and abroad. This indicates the government was in deep slumber till date.