"I grew up blocks from Hollywood Boulevard and would cross it every single day of my life," she said during her acceptance speech in Hollywood on Wednesday. "And you do that thing where you're like, 'Will I ever be on the Walk of Fame someday?'"

After the ceremony, Foster, 53, spoke about finally having that question answered. "It feels nostalgic and kind of emotional. It just reminds me of conversations that I had with my mom, 10 blocks from here about Hollywood Boulevard and what it represented," she said.

"You know she'd drive down the street and talk about the history of it. Talk about Clark Gable and all the premieres that happened at Mann's Chinese – Grauman's Chinese at the
time. It's a great bit of nostalgia and I feel honored to be a part of it."

After winning two Oscars and amassing a catalogue of critically acclaimed performances, Foster has had previous opportunities to have her name inscribed on the walkway. She explained in her speech, "I made this conscious decision that I didn't want to have a star on Hollywood Boulevard unless it was in a conjunction with a movie I was directing. I don't know why that was important to me; it seems silly, but that's why I waited all these years."

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