The 'WalkOn' app enables users to stay on track with their exercise and wellness routine by prompting them to complete regular personal fitness challenges to stay active and earn exclusive discounts and deals on services offered by more than 20 top brands.

Launched by Mobile Health Solutions (MHS) as "motivation in your pocket", the freely downloadable Android app enables users to unlock deals on food and drink, fitness and wellness, online shopping and beauty services.

"WalkOn converts fitness into a currency, it makes sweat pay. The app's innovation is to combine people's love for retail with their desire to get and stay fit. It is about making prevention fun rather than a chore," said a release attributed to Shwetank Verma, co-founder of MHS.

It works by integrating with pedometer apps like "Moves and Runkeeper" and will connect to wearables soon, the statement added."We are excited to be launching India's first digital fitness rewards platform of its kind.

The vision is to assist users in making better choices by measuring a broad spectrum of health data," said co-founder Rahul Batra.