Melbourne: A professional speaker, who is also a self-made millionaire has said that anyone can get rich, the condition being that the person has to remove money out of their heart.

Pat Mesiti told a website that money is like a seed, and if a person invests it or gives to charity, it will come back to them. Mesiti said that people become so obsessed with the idea of earning money that they just lose sight of how to actually get it.

He has listed 4 steps in which a person can reach their goal of becoming a millionaire.

Firstly, the person should get an education to learn how money works. If a person doesn't understand it then it can have a negative impact on them, as money can create feelings like fear and hatred and envy in people.

Secondly, the individual should get around the right kind of people, as their associations in life will equal their assimilations in life. A study in the US had found that an individual's income will rise to the level of their seven closest friends.

Thirdly, an individual should get good advice from people who have done it.

Fourthly, the person should work on themselves and should work on their attitude and their belief system.


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