Mumbai: Flawless and glowing are adjectives frequently used to describe’ Slumdog Millionaire’ star Freida Pinto's skin, who recently shared the secret to her near-perfect skin: fresh veggie juice with coriander and a dash of pepper.

Wellness specialist Namita Jain endorses Freida's beauty tip. "Fresh fruit or vegetable juices are a fantastic way to get your nutrients in a glass," she says.

These can either be combined or drunk separately says Namita.

Anupam Adarsh of Fellas, a health cafe in Khar, shares that the colour of fruit or veggies is a helpful indicator of its vitamin content. He advises consuming juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Liquid fast,  good?

The experts are divided on whether going on a two to three-day juice fast every fortnight is a good way to cleanse the system, and say that it is likely to depend on the individual's health status, medical condition and goals. "I am totally against fasting. Your body has a survival mechanism.

If it notices it's not getting enough food, it will start storing calories and you will end up putting on weight," says Dheepesh. He also adds that is best to consume fruits and vegetables whole. "Fruits and vegetable have fibre. It's important to have fibre in your diet," he elaborates.

Namita agrees, explaining that one apple with the skin, has about 3.6 grams of dietary fibre, which is nearly 17 per cent of the recommended daily fibre intake. According to her, whole fruits and vegetables provide fibre for a healthy digestive system, as well as antioxidant nutrients to protect cells and tissues.

Juices Vs shakes

According to Dheepesh, no juice can replace a protein shake. Spinach and sprouts contain some amount of protein, but they cannot provide all the benefits of a protein shake. "Fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates and protein is protein. It's important to keep a good balance between the two," he says, adding that spinach and Spirulina are good options for juicing. "One scoop of a protein shake is equivalent to loads of green vegetables," adds Dheepesh.

Watermelon and banana juice are helpful in maintaining sugar levels for athletes, but are not recommended for diabetics for whom he recommends juicing spinach and broccoli, instead.

Squeeze- worthy tips

Wash fruits and vegetables in warm water with potassium permanganate to free them of all chemicals. Ensure that the juice is made within fifteen minutes of washing the fruits and veggies. Juices must be consumed fresh, whether they have been made with vegetables, fruits or herbs.

Don't store juices. Fruits, vegetables, herbs kept inside a fridge should be first brought to room temperature before juicing. The juice should be consumed at room temperature, as 'coldness' obstructs digestive system.

Tomato juice for Shah Rukh Khan

The King Khan of Bollywood is on a special diet for his role in the upcoming movie Ra One. Breakfast consists of a glass of vegetable juice, two slices of multigrain toast and an egg-white omelette, while lunch is just a light sandwich or some pasta with soup. At the IPL opening, he reportedly intended to snack on nuts and sip on tomato juice to keep himself energised.