New Delhi: Body art or tattooing is very common amongst youngsters but it seems normal body art have become passé as teens are heading for dental tattoos. Slowly and steadily, it is becoming a vogue among youngsters. Getting teeth inked is emerging now-a-days as a style statement. This trend is fairly popular amongst urban Indians. During past 2-3 years, teeth tattoo has gained popularity among youths as they are more sassy and adventurous.

Dental tattoos are not new. This trend started in the West about 8-10 years ago when hip-hop singers and rappers started sporting them in their music videos and the youngsters soon started aping them.

According to Dr. Ankit Gaur (Gaur Dental Care, Mayur Vihar Ph-1), “Dental tattoo is much famous among youngsters especially in South Delhi area. College-goers and young professionals these days like to leave a distinct impression among their peers by making a unique style statement and dental tattooing offers them an option to do so.”

Painless option:

“This is painless procedure and which does not have a long lasting effect. It hardly lasts for 4-6 months.  There are no side effects, but it depends on a person's dental hygiene. If a person is not serious about hygiene, then there are high chances of cavities,” said Dr. Gaur. “The preferred areas for dental tattoos are the upper lateral incisors, upper canine, premolars and molars. The age group that usually goes in for dental tattoo treatments is 14-35 years. Girls like to get stars, apples or angels while boys like to get more masculine designs like skulls or geometric patterns,” added Dr. Gaur.

How much is the cost?

Dr. Gaur said, “The cost ranges from Rs. 2000-4000 depending upon the size and designs of the tattoo. Moreover, it depends upon the stud and jewellery pieces too. Anything the clients want to be incorporated.”
Youngsters are seemingly very thrilled about the new vogue.

“Everyone gets a tattoo on the body, but I think this is totally unique and exclusive. That’s why even I am planning to get one soon, “said Sharique, a 20 year old student.

The 19 year old college student Ananya  said, “It is unlike other tattoo. The best part is it’s not painful.”
“It’s feasible, because you don’t want to spend a lot of money unlike other tattoos.  I am getting first letter of

my girlfriend’s name inked, so that I make our love memorable,” said 20 year old student Tushar.

So don’t be surprised, if your friend smiles and shows off her or his angel or skull on their teeth.

Farhat Jabeen/JPN

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