New Delhi. Sweating is natural and in fact good for our body. But sweating excessively can be embarrassing and annoying. Besides, the body odour that arises as a result of sweating is even more irritating.

Bharti Malhotra, 24, has been going through acute awkwardness due to her body odour. It has also crushed her self-confidence, especially after she was gifted a pack of deo on her birthday.

This is not the single story of Bharti many people like her suffering the same problem called body odour, but there is no need to get in depression, says experts who give the reason for the problems and suggest helpful tips.

Sweating is not the only reason for body odour, but when it comes in contact with the bacteria on your skin, the smell that emanates can be extremely unpleasant.

Another cause of body odour is lack of hygiene, stomach disorders and eating too much non-vegetarian food. So, a few changes in diet and lifestyle can help one deal with this problem too, say experts. A Botox jab could also help tackle excessive sweating.

'One has to make some lifestyle improvements, like eating a healthy diet and avoiding spicy food items such as onion and garlic and bathe twice a day.

One can also use products that contain aluminium hydroxide, which help in absorbing sweat,' dermatologist Madhuri Agarwal said.

In some people, pungent body odour is part of their genetic makeup.

Dermatologist Vandana Chatra explains the cause of body odour. She said, 'The presence of odour indicates an underlying condition, which could be either bacterial overgrowth or triggered by hormonal changes in the body.

The former is caused due to lack of proper hygiene. The latter, however, is a natural process in case of teens and young adults.

'The type of body odour is also characterised by the type of bacteria present. This problem is fairly common in summers because sweating increases during hot and humid weather, which are favourable for bacterial growth,' she added.

Agarwal says the bacteria present on our skin surface, such as under arms, produce enzymes called lipases that break down lipids in the sweat. The breakdown products produce the odour in sweat.

There are some who sweat in winter as well.

'Normally, a healthy person's sweat is odourless, but in some the sweat has a sharp, uneasy odour. They also have the problem of getting sweat stains on their clothing, like brown or yellowish stains and their clothes smell a lot. This is called Bromhidrosis and the person suffering from it will have body odour throughout the year irrespective of the season,' she said.

Sweating also depends on underlying medical conditions.

Maya Vedamurthy, Chennai-based dermatologist from RSV Skin Clinic, saidto the media person that 'People suffering from typhoid emit a characteristic body odour, diabetic people have a fruity body odour and there are some who suffer from Fish Odour Syndrome (Trimethylaminuria).'

'Obese people also tend to sweat more and produce more body odour. In all the above-mentioned conditions, it is important to get to the root of the problem and identify what exactly causes excessive sweating,' she added.

Tips to beat the body odour problems:-

'It is important to identify the exact cause behind the body odour. Reducing body weight in case of obese people helps in dealing with this problem.

On a daily basis, one can use anti-perspirants or deodorants. In case of severe sweating, one may be given prescription oral medication to curb it,' suggested a dermatologist.

Apart from this, one can take the route of botox injections as well.

'One can take botox injections for treating one's sweat problem. It reduces sweat production by decreasing the ability of sweat glands to produce in the particular area (where it is injected).

The results last anywhere between six to nine months and the person can remain carefree after just one session,' said Vandana Chatrat.

'So, with just one session of botox treatment the patient gets relief for almost a year from excessive sweat and body odour. This can cost about Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 and the results appear from the second week of taking the injection,' she added.