For different styles of eye makeup, a whole range of products, in a rainbow of colours, from beige and champagne through pinks, peaches and corals to greens, blues, purples and browns, are available in the market today. As far as different styles are concerned, they run the whole gamut, from natural, dramatic, vintage and retro to daytime professional and the evening look of smokey or sexy.
Although there are general rules to follow and tips to work on while doing a particular style of eye makeup, the looks can be different depending on the individual eye colour, shape, general colouring etc. For example, a fair skinned blonde with hazel eyes may achieve a natural eye with beige eye shadow and brown mascara, whereas for a darker skinned and haired woman, the same natural eye style might mean simply a thin line of black eyeliner along the upper lid and black mascara. Here are some of the different styles.
Natural Eye Make up
This style is good for everyday wear and is used to enhance the eyes without looking obviously made up. To achieve this look apply eye shadow of the same tone as your skin colour and eye liner just a couple of shades darker than your natural lash colour. For a slightly different and softer look, skip the pencil eyeliner and use two or even three shades of the same colour family over your eye lids, blending well so that they merge into each other. To finish, use a clear mascara.
Dramatic Eye Make up
This style is used for evening or special occasions or when you simply want to draw attention to your eyes. The different looks in this style will range from bold and smoky to glitter and fantasy. The general guidelines are:
•    Use a thicker, bolder eyeliner line and extend it a little beyond your eyes.
•    Try liner under your lower lash line, or, for a softer look, smudge eye shadow along the lower lash line.
•    Experiment with different finishes, like metallic liner and iridescent, frost, shimmer or glitter eye shadow, and coloured mascara.
•    Thicken your lashes with several coats of mascara, combing lashes between coats. Use an eyelash curler or try false eyelashes.
Vintage and Retro styles
Some of the popular looks of yesteryear have made a comeback, going as far back as the 1920’s and 30’s.
This kind of vintage look calls for grey, green or turquoise shadow on the upper lid and thick black liner on both upper and lower eyelids.

A popular style of the 50’s and 60’s was the cat eye look with the liner extended beyond the eyes and winged, while the lid was covered in grey, green or blue eye shadow.

During the 70’s, dark eyes were out and the more natural look came in with light, pastel shadows and silver or pale blue liner.
An overdone eye with lots of blue eye shadow and coloured mascara was the look of the 80’s.

From the 90’s, make up became more individualistic. Today, women are spoilt for choice with the vast range of products available, and all kinds of styles, from natural to dramatic, to suit every occasion is used by women of all ages.
Courtesy: Onlymyhelath