According to a new study by, as many as one-third of Britishers are now turning to the dieting applications in their smartphones to help them reach their weight goals.

According to the study, 39 percent of people rely heavily on dieting and weight loss phone and tablet application in order to make informed decisions about their food choices.

Also, 81 percent had seen more successful weight loss results through using dieting applications than they did before using them, reports a website.

“I think it is an absolutely fantastic sign that so many people are using their mobile phones to help aid them with weight loss. It must be hard to try and stick to a diet or low calorie menu when you are on the go or out at a restaurant. So being able to track food intake in situations like this on a mobile device must be a relief for some,” said Adam Cable, director of

Some of the reasons mentioned in the study, for using dieting apps included:

- It is easier to track calories and food intake at the push of a button

- Helps in checking calorie content of items before deciding to eat them

- Helpful for planning healthy and nutritious meals in advance

- Cheaper and easier alternative to diet books and magazines


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