Melbourne:  A jeans-lover from Melbourne has said that he has the solution to jeans that lose their colour and dexterity with washing.

Fitzroy-based Nobody Denim wash designer Troy Strebe said overwashing was a pair of jeans' worst enemy.

"Washing definitely degrades not only the colour of the jean but also the fabric of the jean, especially if you are machine washing or drying," media quoted him as saying.

He said that one could put their jeans in the freezer next to a box of bicarb soda and turn them inside out and that freezes off the bacteria.


Strebe airs his own in the sun and uses retaW, a denim fragrance spray from Japan.

Strebe said the key to finding the perfect pair was checking off the three Fs - fit, fabric and finish.

He said that if it fits right in the beginning but it is made of a substandard-quality material that is going to bag out.

It is not going to have the longevity than it will normally have and your jeans will have dimples in them, he said.


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