What ‘Loveshhuda’ is all about?

The movie is a rom-com revolving around two persons who meet in three different places at different times of their lives. And, it’s about how they fall in love with one another without being affected by the time and distance.

What does 'Loveshhuda' mean?

We have heard ‘Shadishuda’, ‘Talakshuda’ and of course ‘Gumshuda’, but there is a phase between ‘Shadishuda’ and ‘Talakshuda’ which we called as ‘Loveshhuda’. Basically, we are trying to coin a new word. It means being in love or in crush.

Your last hit ‘Ramaiya Vastavaiya’ which was also your debut movie was released in 2013, why did you take three years to sign ‘Loveshhuda’?

Actually, after my first movie, I haven't come across any interesting script. I wanted to do a film outside my father’s production house, so I was waiting for the right one. And when Vaibhav Misra (director) came with this script, I really liked it and accepted the offer.

Being the son of a producer and someone well established in the industry, was there any pressure on you and why did you want to do a movie outside your father’s production house?

Yes, definitely, if you are from the industry, there is some pressure in every movie you do. There are lots of expectations from you and you have to do hard work. The moment my film ‘Ramaiya Vastavaiya’ was released, I decided that I will do my next project outside Tips banner. I wanted to build my own identity, earn respect as an individual. I wanted the world to know me as Girish Kumar and now I can proudly say that I am not under the Tips banner anymore.

As adult comedy movies are the latest trend of the industry, what is your take on adult genre?

At this point of my life and career, I am not interested in this genre. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I am not comfortable doing it. For me, substance matters. You cannot explore this genre much, it means after sometimes, the audience will get bored.

As we have seen you as jolly and vibrant on-screen, are you same in your personal life too?

In my personal life, I am a shy person but in front of the camera, I get to be that I am not. There I feel comfortable somehow. In fact, behind the camera I am more nervous than in front of the camera. It’s very weird I know but that’s how I am.

Your movie has such a great music and it became popular among the audience, which song is your favourite?

I love all the songs, but my favourite one is Parichay’s ‘Peene Ki Tamanna’ and of course Atif’s ‘Mar Jaayen’. I think Atif has that magic through which he can make anyone his die-hard fan.


Harshita Sharma/JPN

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