Chennai: The war of words between arch rivals, DMK president M Karunanidhi and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa over the Tamil New Year refused to die down with the latter insisting that the previous DMK regime had enacted a law to change the Tamil calendar "unilaterally" which "hurt the sentiments of people."

"He did not hold any research (over shifting the New Year from the Tamil month of Chithirai to Thai). He passed an act unilaterally which the people did not accept," Jayalalithaa told the state Assembly.

She observed that despite his government changing the New Year from Chithirai (April) to Thai (January), people continue to celebrate the former as Tamil New Year.

She described the DMK's initiative as "improper and one which hurt the sentiment of people," and said it was an "imposed one."

"I only cancelled the Act (last year after taking over from DMK) but did not impose anything on people," she said.

She recalled that Karunanidhi had made the announcement on altering the calendar at the launch of 'Sangamam,' a cultural festival coordinated by his daughter Kanimozhi MP, even before making a formal announcement in the Governor's address.