Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray with his family members reached the Thackeray Memorial at Shivaji Park in the morning to pay homage to his father and sat there receiving visitors.

Around 1.20 pm, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray arrived along with some party officials and paid homage.

Thereafter, he went to a small marquee where Uddhav, with his younger son Tejas and other family members, and senior leaders were sitting.

Raj greeted and shook hands with everybody before reaching cousin Uddhav. The two cousins smiled and shook hands warmly even as senior Shiv Sena leader and former leader of opposition Ramdas Kadam urged Raj to sit next to Uddhav.

The Shiv Sena MP and spokesperson immediately obliged by vacating his chair and Raj sat on Uddhav's left side, putting his right arm behind his cousin's chair.

The two were seen smiling, chatting like good old relatives separated only by political agendas.

Earlier, the two leaders met in private when Uddhav visited his teenager niece, Urvashi, Raj's daughter who met with a road accident last fortnight, and this is their first public appearance together in the past two years after Bal Thackeray's death.

Hundreds of thousands of Shiv Sainiks are expected to visit the memorial at Shivaji Park on Monday for which elaborate arrangements have been put in place, said party secretary and MP Anil Desai.

Party officials estimate that over two lakh sainiks will offer their tributes to late Bal Thackeray.

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