"... I was very intimidated initially before meeting him (Akshay), as I thought he is a huge star. He makes the opposite person comfortable. He is the most wonderful and easiest of people I have met. I have been lucky. It is all the more pleasurable. I have had the most amazing time with him," she said.

"Airlift" tells the story of a man Ranjit Katyal (played by Akshay), a wealthy and powerful Indian businessman who with the help of the Indian government safely evacuated 170,000 Indians back home.

"It is a dramatic film. It is about the trial and tribulations these people had to face. It is not in one go that this man came up with a plan there were a lot of disappointments so it is constant back and forth," the 33-year-old actress said.

"People are rendered homeless, jobless, don't have money... Their identity was lost overnight. Getting basic necessities like food, clothes was a challenge for them. It was mayhem," she added.

Scheduled to release on January 22 next year, "Airlift" is directed by Raja Menon.


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