The farmers in the entire north India are facing huge problem of storing grains. They are blocking roads and making slogans against the government. The disgruntled farmers are in catch-22 situation: where to go and what to do? The government is busy devising strategies for compensating the losses incurred by the farmers. The opposition is also equally hopeless in addressing the farmers’ issues. In the Parliament, they have been repeatedly raising the issues of government functioning, misery of farmers, government’s sincerity in addressing the problems of the farmers. If we have a look at the concerns expressed by all quarters, it becomes clear that everybody is worried about the storage of grains and problems of the farmers. The government is unlikely to solve such problems in near future. Even after the brainstorming debate between the government and the opposition, the perennial problems still persist.

Hundreds of tonnes of wheat get rotted in the government godowns every year thanks to the lack of adequate storage facilities in the country. The government neither facilitates to export the wheat nor provides foodgrains to common man at subsidized rates. Despite being spent lakhs of crores on the reform process, a concrete project for storage of grains is yet to take shape. No government tried to ponder over the issue that if it fails to store foodgrains, it can make alternative to them. It is not a big problem to hire private godowns. Even farmers can be imparted training about storing foodgrains in their own houses.

Most of the MPs elected to the Lok Sabha come from farmer background. They are concerned with problems of the farmers. Even majority of the schemes are devised for the farmers. Apart this, if we have a look at the farmers’ worsening condition, we have to say that it would have better if the government had not thought over the interests of the farmers. What expectation we have from such governments when it fails to buy sacks for foodgrains on time. Not only a particular government but all the ruling dispensations are facing such problems. In fact, the Centre is responsible for making arrangement of the bags, but it’s not mandatory for either the Centre or states. If state governments want to procure bags, it can buy on its own. On the other, the Jute Mill Association says that they can make available sacks. However, no positive results are emerging. What’s the reason behind it? Why does the opposition not ask the non-Congress ruled state governments to procure bags themselves? Is the role of the opposition limited only to oppose government policies? The government stand is not clear on the issue. It makes excuse daily. What inferences can one draw from it?

It reflects that the politicians are not concerned with the problems of farmers. Whatever they do is limited only to spark furor. Nobody wants to solve the problem. In fact, they do not consider it as the problem. The way foodgrain is being rotted and dumped reflects that they are only boasting of the problems of farmers. It is said that the liquor lobby is behind the entire mess. It is orchestrated to favour liquor businessmen.

At a time when about six thousands persons die of hunger daily, crores of persons are victims of malnutrition and major part of the income of middle class is spent on buying foodgrains, what’s the motive behind dumping crores of tonnes of grains. The government has been making excuse that wheat could not be exported. Question arises that what efforts are being made for exporting wheat? Also, if the wheat is not being exported and the country is producing more wheat, why do the people die of hunger? What’s the reason behind government not providing foodgrains at the affordable prices to the common man? Whatever the reason may be, the general perception is that government is supporting hoarders and black marketers. It has become mere a puppet in the hands of such persons.

For the last one decade, food price touches a new high, while a huge quantity of foodgrains got wasted. The news of wheat wastage is coming from entire north India. Nobody understands why do the farmers not get adequate price for their produce? Consumers face problem in buying grains and vegetables in towns. Prices of such items increase by many times when they move from villages to towns. What’s the reason behind this? If the politicians are not involved in the entire mess, they should ensure that farmers get adequate prices for their produce and the common man get grains, pulses and vegetables at the reasonable prices. The political leaders across the party lines will have to make concerted efforts in addressing the farmers’ problems.

(The author is a Resident Editor of Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh editions of Dainik Jagran)