Lucknow: In a startling revelation of taking benefits of loopholes in law and brazenly wasting public money, scores of people are deprived of basic amenities and struggling to make both ends meet from dawn to dusk; whereas MLAs, who have been elected to script the destiny of their voters, are availing all possible benefits even if they are incarcerated and not working for their constituencies.

Owing to lack of proper law, there are many MLAs in Uttar Pradesh who are serving their jail terms but they are getting constituency and medical allowances. According to law, they are entitled to all benefits and privileges till their terms compete. Until MLAs give in writing that they should not be given any allowance till serving jail term, they will be given all benefits.

Bhahujan Samaj Party MLA from Milkipur in Faizabad district and former Minister, Anand Sen Yadav, is serving life imprisonment for his role in kidnapping and murder of a young Dalit woman in 2008. Ironically, the legislature is being provided with all the allowances including medical and constituency despite committing a serious crime.

Another legislature and former Uttar Pradesh minister Amarmani Tripathi, guilty in famous Madhumita Shukla murder, is serving a life sentence in the Varanasi Central Jail. However, he is availing all benefits.

Expressing serious concern over the issue, a senior member of Legislative Council, Om Prakash Sharma, said, “If the legislatures have no urge to show their morality and integrity, law must be changed. There are plenty of names who have been availing government benefits, while they are behind the bars.”