New Delhi: Examples of people dancing to the tune of politicians are often been witnessed, however this time a prominent politician hogged the limelight for his dance steps which have been posted on social networking website- Facebook.

Three-time Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdulla in a one minute video can be seen dancing on a hit Kashmiri folk song. The video is already a hit as several clicks have been made by viewers.

The video features Abdullaha clapping throwing and clapping his hands and moving his body on a folk song during a cultural function hosted by the state information department. Soon after being posted by Facebook user Aila Nazar, the video received some comments from other users, mostly Kashmiris. Nazar in his info says he is a Kashmiri-born Greece-based businessman.

As traditionally-dressed folk singers break into the 'gham chhum yaar ma raavay (I am worried if I lose my lover)' song, Abdullah on a mike joins the chorus and gets right into the spirit of things. At times he sounds louder than the orginal vocalists.

Enthusiasm then gets the better of the former chief minister who shakes a leg or two in Punjabi bhangra style.

Abdullah, who is known to have once loved the company of Bollywood actresses, is a trained physician. He loves to dance and is known to often break into spontaneous singing.

The 74-year-old politician has been an heir apparent to his father late Sheikh Abdullah's political legacy.

A great crowd puller with good oratorical skills, Abdullah, who may be loved or hated by the media, has never been ignored for whatever he does on and off the political stage.

In the short video, the father of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is wearing a long overcoat and black karakul cap - suggesting that the poor quality video may have been shot in winter. He then dances his way to his seat and is seen being patted by the participants including National Conference MP Mehboob Beg.