This is what happened in Chattisgarh when a politician's son travelling in an SUV could not overtake a bike. Unable to digest the 'humiliation', he got out of the vehicle, accompanied by his chamchas and gave the rogue biker and his companion a good beating.

A video of the attack, led by Nannu Pawar - whose father Manturam Pawar is a BJP biggie before he served as state legislator for the Congress - is being shared on social media now.

Nannu Pawar and his 'friends' are seen slapping, kicking, and whipping the two men with wooden sticks even as they fall down on the muddy road pleading for mercy.

The incident took place on August 15 in Kherkhatta, about 200 km from the state capital of Raipur. A police case has not been filed so far against Nannu Pawar despite the video evidence.