Apart from his brilliant political acumen and thought process, PM Modi also has a heart of gold which sometimes shows his emotions. Yes, our PM is just like us, emotional yet strong.

Here, we bring you two events where PM Narendra Modi got all emotional.

On May 20, 2014, the Indian Parliament witnessed heavy emotions as Narendra Modi entered the House for the first time after winning the Lok Sabha elections.

While thanking everyone for their support PM Modi broke down and said in a choked voice, "Advaniji said that I have done a favour to BJP. Like India, BJP is also my mother. Can serving the mother be a favour? Not at all. A son is only dedicated to serving the mother."

The second event recently happened on  September 27, 2015, when PM Modi visited the Facebook headquarters in US.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg welcomed Narendra Modi, saying he was impressed by how social media savvy the Prime Minister was and moved on to ask several questions.

And it was Mark Zuckerberg's question to Prime Minister Modi asking him about the role of his mother that got him emotional.

The Prime Minister revealed that his mother Heeraben Modi raised him and his siblings as a single parent after the death of his father.

"When we were small, she cleaned dishes, fill water, did laborious work at the neighbouring houses to sustain us. You can imagine a mother, in order to raise her kids, underwent so much hardships," Modi spoke gently as he tried to control his tears, amid a hushed silence at the event.


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