Shimla: Once cherished for abundance of electricity resources, Himachal Pradesh like other states is now under the grip of acute power crunch.

The state is facing problems in supply of coal and the water level of rivers has gone down drastically. Under such conditions, the electricity generation in the state has gone down by more than 50 percent.

Taking the conditions into consideration as the gap between the power supply and demand has increased, the State government has decided supply electricity to State Electricity Board Company in place of outsourcing power to the other states. 

Due to the reduction in the water level in state rivers, the power generation from the Hydro power Projects has reduced to 50 percent causing a problem for both consumers and industrial sector.

According to estimates, Himachal Pradesh daily requires more than 225 lakh unit power and it faces a shortage of nine lakh units per day.

While, earlier the Hydro power Projects of the State Electricity Board Company were generating more than 100 lakh unit of power, it has now reduced to 52 lakh unit.

Besides, on a backing basis only 60 mw of electricity is being shared by the neighboring state of Haryana. The power crunch in the state is resulting frequent power cuts.

Principal Secretary (Power) Deepak Sanan said, “Nowadays, HP is facing the impact of coal crisis in the country.”

(JPN/ Bureau)