Ahmedabad: It might be mandatory for all household water purification devices in India to abide by the virus filtration protocol, according to a member of industry body Water Quality Association (WQA).
The unorganised household water purification industry (water purifiers manufactured in the unorganised sector) in India is estimated at around Rs 1,500 crore, which experts claim is complying with standards to filter bacteria only and lacks measures to filter viruses.
The organised household water purification device market in India is estimated at Rs 700 crore.
"The unorganised water purification industry will soon have to abide with the virus filtration protocols. The issue is in advanced stages of discussion with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), it could be introduced by this year end," he said.
A report by National Institute of Virology (NIV) released in 2009 had sparked off a debate over the effectiveness of household water purification devices in the country.
The WQA works in tandem with BIS on raising the benchmark standards for industry. It comprises research analysts from industry who share views on development in the sector and deliberate on future requirements in regards to standards.
"Presently, the virus filtration protocol criteria does not exist in IS 10500 Indian Drinking Water standards, but it is expected to be added soon," Rahul Pathak of Uniqflux Membranes said.
"But, a few leading players from the organised water purification industry are already abiding by virus filtration protocols," he claimed.

Uniqflux is a licensee of Bhavnagar-based Central Salt Marine and Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI) to manufacture hollow fibre membranes for water purification devices, capable of filtering Log 4 viruses.
CSMCRI had developed, patented and thereafter licensed the novel hollow membrane fibre technology to industry, which is capable of filtering viruses and can be used to manufacture low-cost water purification devices.
Explaining about Log 4 viruses, Pathak said it is the count of virus raised to power of 10 present in water. An effective purification device is one whose output shows zero virus content after filtration.
The Pune-based Uniqflux manufactures membranes for original equipment manufacturers like Eureka Forbes, Uniliver, among others.
It has started manufacturing 'Hollow Fiber UF Membranes' which the company claims are capable of rejecting Log 4 Virus, and passes the international USEPA protocol for water purification devices.


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