Many people have started developing grey hair due to pollution and change in lifestyle. Although grey hair is a part of ageing, premature greying of hair might put you in a awkward condition. Many tend to expensive hair colouring or treatments when the real problem lies somewhere else.

Here are a few effective ways to prevent premature grey hair:

1. Say good bye to coffee: Excess use of alcohol and caffeine is bad for both skin and hair and causes premature ageing.


2. Load yourself with water: Water is very essential for human body. Drinking water in abundance will keep you hydrated and prevent hair greying.


3. Avoid stress: Excessive and prolonged stress can lead to premature greying of hair.


4. Increase iodine intake: Iodine is an important mineral for maintaining hair colour.


5. Selenium: Selenium is known to fight greying hair. Selenium rich food like shellfish, salmon, corn, wheat intake can slow down premature greying.


6. Daily exercise: Along with good nutrients and healthy food, daily exercise is also very necessary. This leads to proper blood circulation, which will prevent greying hair.

7. Oil massage: One must know the right way to massage hair. Oil should reach your scalp and hair roots for enhanced hair growth and prevention of grey hair.

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