Kolkata: The Land Rehabilitation Bill, 2011, aimed to vest the ‘Singur land’ with the state is set to be tabled in the Assembly on Tuesday. But Mamata Banerjee’s bid to return the 400 acres of land to the unwilling farmers in Singur is likely to take some time.

Several legal and financial problems are set to make the job of the state government difficult in returning the 400 acres land to farmers who opposed allotment of their land to Tata Nano project. The first and foremost bottleneck would be ‘title rights’ of the land.

The title rights of 244 acres land were not clear when the land was acquired by the previous government. Land compensation against the land was not paid because the farmers could not produce papers to support their title claims.

In this context, it would be difficult for the state government to ascertain whom to return the 244 acres of land.Another question posing before the government is whether farmers would agree to take their land back as a major portion of the land has become uncultivable because of the long time deposition of bricks, cement, sands and other materials during the construction of Nano factories at Singur.

Apart from it, the government would also have to decide whether the farmers who have already received compensation would be asked to refund the same. In all likelihood many must have already spent the money.

The state government could also face hurdle in returning the land to farmers if the Tatas demand compensation for the 400 acres of land being taken back from their possession.