New Delhi: The official ticketing website of the Cricket World Cup crashed on Monday.

The website,, showed an error message soon after business began at 1pm IST, leading to fans venting their frustration by lashing out at the organisers at the website's Facebook page.

"The (website) team is still working on it guys. Please bear with us. We understand your frustration and feel your pain. We are working non-stop to get you the tickets you need. Rest assured, not a single ticket that was meant for sale has been sold yet. We can't wait to get them to you as soon as the site is back up," a statement posted by the website on its Facebook page said.

"If you couldn't handle this crazy traffic then you shouldn't have been responsible for the tickets in the first place," posted one.

"You only have 1,000 tickets to sell online for the World Cup final - how could you not expect insane traffic?" said another.

Just 4,500 tickets are on sale for public for the April 2 final at the historic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, with the rest being distributed through clubs and other cricket authorities.

For venue pick-up customers, please visit the KyaZoonga pick-up counter at the Ambedkar stadium on the 22nd and 23rd  from 11am thru' 5.30pm," a statement by the website said.