New Delhi: If you want to celebrate and enjoy parties in the night of world cup final, do it cautiously so that it could not create any public nuisance. Traffic police have engaged 50 teams to maintain law and order in the national capital.

If anybody is caught for drunken driving, he will be sent to jail and his driving licence will be cancelled.

On Wednesday, people celebrated India’s victory over Pakistan till late night. The police launched a campaign against the drunken driving, however the cricket fans drank and frolicked around.

In areas like Connaught Place, Laxami Nagar, city blokes even danced on the roof of vehicles, which led to traffic snarl at many places and vexed others.

Some of them called up the Police Control Room, but the police did not take any notice because they themselves were partying for the India’s victory.

People are waiting with baited breath for the grand finale between India and Sri Lanka at Mumbai. Cricket lovers are assured of India’s victory and preparations are on full swing to cater the needs of revellers.

(JPN/ Bureau)