A welcome change

I feel lucky to be born and brought up in a family associated with films. As a child, I remember always wanting to entertain everyone around me; I loved being the centre of attention. Since then, it was a secret desire to be a part of the entertainment industry, as an actor, singer or dance. So it makes me happy to be accepted as a part of the fraternity. I also feel happy for those who make it big in films without a filmy background or connections. We all have to work hard to get our due success. What helps is the current scenario--new technicians, directors, writers and actors who are supported by big banners.

Comedy is challenging

I am excited about my upcoming film with my dad (David Dhawan). It will be my second release and I have attempted comedy which is extremely challenging for any actor. I simply surrendered myself to my director’s vision. It’s the story of a boy who is street smart and witty. How he solves the uncommon situations in life forms the crux of the story. The film is entertaining with a social message.

Being famous

It’s quite surreal, Fame is just a by-product of my career. What matters is the quality of work I do in my films. It’s been a year and a half since ‘Student of the Year’ released. In this industry, one has to prove himself with every film and I am ready for it with my next film.

Mentor matters
Karan Johar is my mentor. I always seek his advice on important professional decisions. I also consult dad when I need his feedback on certain matters. All said and done, the final decision is always mine (smiles).

Fitness mantra

I am in an industry which requires me to look good all the time. I keep fit by hitting the gym and keeping a check on my diet. I am eternally grateful to my physical instructors for this. I am currently into martial arts, cardio, flexibility exercises and weight training as part of my fitness regime.

Love can wait

Right now; I am completely focused on my career. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be with someone, but this is not the right time for love. As I said, I am living my dream of entertaining people with my work.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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