"We are very concerned with the cracks in relationship that are visible," Oli, 63, told reporters in an Interview at his residence here. Oli said there was 'some misunderstanding at present' between the two countries over the new Constitution which Nepal adopted recently.

India has urged that the Constitution be amended to take care of rights of all sections of the country, including Madhesis who are largely settled int he Terai region of the country. Oli added there was no movement in Terai areas of Nepal and some groups were being used for violence.

He said the whole world welcomed Nepal's adoption of the constitution after prolonged efforts but India merely took note of it. "I am surprised that our reliable, our permanent friend India only took note of it. If the biggest friend only notices, it will cause surprise. We did not expect this. Some confusion can be created in this but our relations cannot be damaged," Oli cited.

He said some problems were visible in the ties. "It should not be that the cracks in relationship that are visible. We are very concerned with that. What is the reason for this?" he asked.

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