The BCCI said that forming a working group was aimed at finding the procedures to implement the order and should not be seen as a delaying tactic.

“I want to make it very clear that the BCCI has already accepted the Justice Lodha committee verdict in toto. The working group has been formed to draw up the future roadmap of IPL 9. There is no question of any dilly-dallying,” IPL Chairman Rajeev Shukla said.

“The order is accepted, now we are in the process of implementing it. For that we have formed a working group and that group has been given six weeks’ time to submit its recommendations,” he said. Shukla said the BCCI was not shirking from its responsibility and promised to deliver a “very successful” IPL 9 next year.

“IPL will be held with a minimum of eight teams. There will be no change in that. How we will proceed will be recommended by the working group which will have discussions with all the stakeholders like the sponsors, broadcasters, franchisees and state associations,” he said.

Shukla said that the BCCI was aware that these issues have legal ramifications and would not like to invite any problem by taking a wrong decision. “The procedures that we adopt will therefore be approved by our legal experts, that is why we need some time to give the recommendations,” he said.

Shukla said the preparation for IPL 9 will start only after all these issues are resolved. Asked whether the Lodha Committee’s order has dented the image of the IPL further, Shukla said people have faith in the product.

“I don’t think IPL’s image has been dented. IPL 8 was one of the biggest success in the country and overseas. People have faith in IPL. The value has to be further enhanced and I am confident that we will be able to deliver a better edition next year,” he said.

“Whatever problems are brought to our notice, we try to resolve them in the best interest of the game. We have taken the Lodha Committee report in that same spirit. We are neither questioning, nor challenging, nor debating that order. So, why should people think that we are dilly-dallying?” he added.

On whether new corporates have evinced interest in the IPL following the suspension and RR, Shukla said, “I have read in the media that some corporates are interested in having a team.”

“But that situation will only arise if we opt to invite bids for new teams. Right now, we have to await the recommendations of the working group,” he said. Shukla said that there were number of options available for the BCCI to resolve the issues.

“There is a group which believes that a BCCI-appointed management team can run CSK and RR for a period of two years. Credible people can be selected for that job so that the question of conflict of interest does not arise,” he said.

“Another option is that we invite new bids for the two teams to ensure that the league is an eight-team affair. After two years when CSK and RR complete their suspension period, we will have 10 teams. We will consider all the options,” he added.

On the possibility of Kochi franchise returning to IPL, Shukla said the BCCI is challenging the order and it would not be proper of him to say anything on this.

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