Do you prefer working with people you trust?
It is not about that I have worked with many new directors. But if it becomes predictable, then you tend to cut yourself out.

Why don’t we see you at filmi parties?
I don’t drink and I barely socialize. I am a morning person I get up before sunrise, unless I have a shoot in the night. I follow my routine and work out before work.

Is your son Rocky (Karan Deol) making his Bollywood debut soon?
He will, eventually. Give him a couple of years to learn. He is just 22 and acting is something that you don’t learn in a day or two.

Are you open to doing negative characters?
I guess my audience would not like to see me in negative roles. I have never been offered such roles till date. My image is so positive.

Weren’t you offered the negative role in 'Darr'?
No, Shah Rukh Khan’s role was not supposed to be negative in the film. I have great respect for the director and the writer. I was the hero of the film and then one day they come and tell me that the negative person has a story to tell about why he turned negative.

Do you think the situation is our country reached to a boiling point now?
We all are individually responsible for the country. Aren’t we tired of all the scams and corruption? We also need to bring in a change in ourselves.

Do you feel celebrities have a bigger role to play?
Nowadays, everyone is approaching the media to build their image. I keep rejecting invites for charity events. I cannot do it. If I want to do charity, I will not call a 100 people to witness the event.

Do you think the problems around the lack of safety for women are of prime importance now?
It is all depends on the government elected by us. Cinema is the last thing to be worries about as though even if certain crimes are not shown in films, they still take place. Most of the films we see these days require us to leave our brains at home.

Would you like to take part in active politics in the future?
No, I can’t and I won’t. And if I do, I will become the Prime Minister of the country and start correcting everything. Actually there is no point as hazaaron ke beech mein, ek jaan Phas jaata hai. My dad joined politics but he couldn’t do anything. My dad was so fed up, because they use you for your image. It is very difficult to be honest and survive.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.
I have 'Singh Sahab The Great' and 'I Love New Year'. I have been offered a couple of reality shows but I am not keen to do them. I was doing one stunt-based show, which got shelved. I guess reality shows are not that real after all. I have JP Dutta’s war film coming up, which will depict the last three days of the 1971 war. 'Ghayal 2' has started and we did a promo shoot but it didn’t work out. So we had to start all over again. The film has so much to offer.

(JPN/Mid Day)

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