Chennai: The chairman of selection committee Krishnamachari Srikkanth on Sunday expressed huge disappointment on Indian team's dismal performance Down Under terming it as a collective batting failure.

"We are totally devastated. It is quiet disappointing in the manner we have played in Australia. Now sitting in Chennai, it is difficult for me to pinpoint a particular reason as to what went wrong. Definitely our batting has failed consistently throughout the series," Srikkanth said.

Srikkanth blamed India's collective batting failure for the dismal perfiormance in Australia.

Srikkanth was found wanting when scribes sought an elaborate explanation of causes that led to the team's failure. His answer was an inevitable one.

"It is the same problem that we had during the England series. In the last two series, the batsmen have struggled to find form. I agree that this defeat is saddening. Not because I am the chairman of selectors or an ex-cricketer. More so because I am an Indian," he said in a dejected tone.

The former India captain predictably sidestepped the issue of whether seniors like VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid need to be phased out after their poor show in Australia.

However, the chairman of selection committee Krishnamachari Srikkanth said that he won't have anything to say if senior batsman VVS Laxman decides to call time on his international career.

Speculations have been on about whether Laxman will be the first among senior players to get the axe after scoring only 102 runs in six innings at a dismal average of 17.

"Next Test series is in September. We do not know what will happen at that time. If Laxman decides to retire, I cannot say anything. But we will take stock of the situation only in September," Srikkanth said.

Incidentally, in September, the board's AGM is scheduled and Srikkanth along with Raja Venkat, Narendra Hirwani and Surendra Bhave will have to make away for new look selection panel.

"Everybody can give any number of reasons as to why the team has done badly. But won't you guys agree with me that this was the best available team? I don't think that too much of a post-mortem would lead us anywhere," said Srikkanth, who tried to put up a brave front.

The dashing opener of yesteryears seemed a touch miffed when someone popped a question as to whether the selection committee will also take the blame for such a debacle.

"If you people want me as the chairman of selection committee to take the blame upon myself, I am ready to do that. But will that solve the problem. You have guys who had scored 8000-10,000 runs in Test cricket and all of a sudden your top 6 recognised batsmen are failing together. You can't blame an individual for this. This is a collective failure," Srikkanth said.