The band composed for the recently released film "Manjunath" and it was the film's realistic approach that drew them to the project.

"We don't look down upon Bollywood music...we have many idols from Bollywood. The only thing we look down upon is probably the term, the way people use Bollywood in a negative sense," said Malik.

"It is the Indian film industry and it is also the biggest money-making industry in the world and it employees a number of people. It is one of the greatest organisations," he added.

The band members believe the fact that they have composed for "Manjunath" will give a fillip to the film, which is the story of Manjunath Shanmugan, an Indian Institute of Management (IIM) graduate who was killed in 2005 for speaking out against corruption.

"Without trying to sound like we are blowing our own trumpets, we are one of the most popular bands and for the first time we are giving music to a Bollywood film which will definitely give hype to the film," he said.

‘Manjunath’, which has been directed by Sandeep Varma, released on Friday.

When asked about what prompted them to compose for the film, the band's organist Subir Malik said, "It is a story which is relevant, especially in today's times. Nobody wants to really address the core issues of adulteration and poverty."

"This was a great opportunity for us to be part of something not just musically but also socially as we are citizens as well. The movie has a social message and I am very happy that the film came along,” Malik added.


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