"A number of people have voice today because of social media. As a nation we don't have a culture of speaking up and hence we never cared to provide a platform to the people, especially youngsters to voice their opinion. But now things are changing," said Anshul Tewari, founder and editor-in-chief of Youth Ki Awaaz, an online platform for youth.

Tewari was speaking at a session "Should Social Media Be Censored" at Oxford Bookstore here where he highlighted how the beginning of the Arab Spring fuelled a revolution in the field of social media."The dictator regimes in the west Asian countries had banned the Internet when the Arab Spring began. But they couldn't control social media, so all the news updates about what was happening in their countries was reported from what journalists saw and received through social media," said Tewari.

Social media has often been criticised for fanning sexist and racist remarks and communal tension, with people getting offended at the slightest remark and joining a tirade against those who posted their opinions.

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