New Delhi: Notwithstanding the Trinamool Congress' decision to quit the UPA, BJP on Thursday said it has no plans to bring a no-confidence motion against the government in Parliament as it did not want to be responsible for its fall.

BJP chief Nitin Gadkari said, "we have not thought of bringing any no confidence motion".

Gadkari said BJP will not be responsible for bringing down the government and it "may fall in natural course due to its own deeds".

"It is not just the job of the opposition to make this government fall. The government may fall because of its own natural course. We will not be responsible for it...The party in rule should worry about it. We do not want to do anything to make this government fall," the BJP president said.

On the possibility of a mid-term poll and whether BJP is ready for it, he said, "there is no confusion in BJP. Whenever elections come, we are ready to fight anyone...We will not be responsible for mid-term polls if they happen...We are neither after this government's fall nor are we protecting it. This is UPAs own problem."

Asked about the party's demand for convening of a special session of Parliament, he said, "our leader LK Advani has talked of convening a special session of Parliament. I have discussed it with him.

"It is in context with the then Finance Minister's promise in Parliament that FDI in retail will not be brought in without a consensus with all stakeholders. By deciding to implement the decision after making a commitment in Parliament is like betrayal with the people."

Gadkari accused the government of bringing the FDI in retail to divert the attention of people from corruption and scams during its tenure.

"After independence, this is the most corrupt government in the history of the country. It has broken all records of corruption. The Congress party has become the All-India Coal party. Their faces have been blackened with coal," he said.

The BJP chief said the decision to bring FDI in retail was against the poor of the country and will take away livelihood and render crores of small traders jobless.

"This government wants to kill the poor. They want to end the business of small traders. After farmers, small traders will also start committing suicide," he feared.

He said certain forces working under "foreign pressure" were behind the FDI decision which will ruin the nation.

Sharing his own experience in Walmart stores abroad, he said most products were sourced from China. He said India too will be flooded with Chinese products if FDI comes in multi-brand retail trade.

"If all products come in from China, then small traders will lose their livelihood. Henceforth all imports from China will increase...There is a perception among the people that the decision (to allow FDI in retail) has been taken under foreign pressure," the BJP president said.

He claimed that BJP does not wish to derive political benefits out of the current situation and said the party will work for the interest of the common man and wage a war to protect the poor.

"We don't want to play politics on this. We don't want to take political credit for this. We will fight this with like- minded parties to help the poor and small traders...Politics is an instrument of socio-economic reform. We don't want to change this definition," Gadkari said.

Gadkari said, "This is for the first time after Emergency that different political parties having differences have come together" against the Government decisions.

He said their movement will continue till the government scraps its anti-people decisions on FDI, diesel hike and LPG capping.

"The UPA government has lost its credibility due to corruption...even the Prime Minister has lost his credibility," he said.

"It is the wrong economic policies and bad and corrupt governance responsible for ruining the nation," he said.

Demanding action against those indulging in corruption, he alleged that this government was responsible for scams of Rs 4.38 lakh crore in coal, 2G and Commonwealth Games as exposed by CAG.


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