Nanda died Tuesday morning following a heart attack at her residence here. She was 72 and was leading a reclusive life except for meeting her close ones.

"On Saturday, Nanda and I had lunch together. She was not the least unwell. If she had felt even a little uneasy, she would not have stepped out of the house. We were together till 5 p.m. on Saturday. She had her favourite coffee," said Waheeda.

"We were friends for 55 years, from the time when we worked together in Vijay Anand's 'Kala Bazaar'. After marriage, friends, especially women friends, tend to drift away as they've their husband and children to look after. But Nanda and I remained close friends even after my marriage," she added.

Waheeda shared that she and Nanda were very different individuals.

"Quite a study in contrasts, and yet we were very close friends. Or maybe we were close friends because we were so we found those personality traits lacking in ourselves within each other,” the veteran actress said.

"I've remained active in the public with various activities including the occasional film. She gave it all up, cut herself away completely from the limelight. The last films she did were 'Mazdoor', 'Ahista Ahista' and 'Prem Rog'," she added.

“She hurts to talk about her in the past extremely sensitive person, very thoughtful and caring. And she was a very loyal friend. She never visited anyone or anywhere. But she'd regularly visit me and my husband in Bangalore," Waheeda said.

Waheeda, 77, says people used to wonder how two heroines could be so friendly. So what was the secret?

"There was not an iota of professional insecurity between us. Both of us believed in destiny and that whatever work was meant to come our way, would come. We were both very secure about our careers. And we were both firm believers in god and destiny,” she said.

"Nanda was a different person altogether."She was an introvert. Basically she was a loner. She was nervous of crowds. I am a little more outgoing. But like I said, we were like-minded people. We shared the same values. She went suddenly. She deserved a lot more than she got,” the actress added.


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