Kejriwal was addressing students at St Stephens College in Delhi University. He also urged them to oust the ‘corrupt’ Congress government in the city in Assembly elections, which are likely to be held in November.

"If my party wins, I will formulate a law which prevails in the US, where the people make laws in town hall meetings and mayors and bureaucrats then implement the law," Kejriwal said.

A town meeting is a form of direct democratic rule, which is in application primarily in the US - principally in New England - since the 17th century, where most or all members of a community come together to legislate policy and budgets for the local government.

The social activist-turned-politician also attacked Sheila Dikshit-led Congress government in Delhi and said, "Around 25 legislators in Delhi face serious criminal charges like rape, sexual assault and kidnapping. So Delhi will not pass any legislation against such crimes because. If they do, most of them will go to jail," he added. He also slammed the Delhi government over a host of other issues, ranging from power to water.

On being asked why he joined politics, Kejriwal said, "I have joined politics to clean the system, as dirty politics is the root of all the problems in the world."  He also said that his party won't field people with criminal background.

"Everything about our party is transparent. All the 70 candidates will be without any criminal charges. Two people from the same family will not be given ticket as we want to get rid of family politics," said Kejriwal.


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