“It’s AAP who ran away after forming the government in alliance with the Congress and hence they are responsible for this situation. The onus of forming the government does not lie on the BJP and therefore we are not trying to form government,” Upadhyay said while speaking exclusively to Jagran Post.  

“We have made our mind that the BJP will consider all the possibilities only if LG invites it for the government formation. In that situation, the party will decide whether to form government or go for fresh polls. But before that such questions are hypothetical and we are not thinking about it,” he added.

He completely evaded the question as to how the BJP will form the government without having the required numbers and the decision will be taken at appropriate time, keeping possibilities of the party with support from some MLAs as open to them.

The BJP’s Delhi unit has been so far divided in the house over government formation in the national capital which has been under President's Rule since February this year.

When asked about the responsibility of the BJP in Delhi after emerging as the single largest party in the Assembly elections, Upadhyay said that the party is committed to provide better facilities, good education and infrastructure, better transportation despite the fact that the city is under President’s Rule.

“Like our Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on August 15th that every MP should adopt a village, all the BJP MLAs in Delhi are adopting a school in their constituency and ensuring proper infrastructure, clean toilets and good education,” he said.

The BJP had won 31 seats in the 70-member Delhi Assembly in the last elections, falling short of five to reach magic number of 36.

With three BJP legislators being elected to the Lok Sabha, the party's strength in the 70-member House has come down to 28 from the earlier 31.

Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP, which won 28 seats, formed the government with outside support from Congress.

Kejriwal, however, resigned after 49 days in office, following which the Delhi Assembly continues to be in suspended animation.

No party in the national capital, where the assembly is under suspended animation, has staked claim after resignation of Kejriwal.

Raghwendra Shukla/JPN

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