"The three issues which the Congress demands on GST is the one percent tax for manufacturers, the constitutional cap of 18 percent for GST rate and an independent dispute resolution mechanism. If the government comes out with any formula on these three issues then we can go ahead with it," Kharge told reporters here.

"I don't have the details of the conversations between them yesterday. We will discuss about it in the party meeting and will let you know further details," Kharge added when asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with the Congress top brass last evening.

Prime Minister Modi yesterday met Congress president Sonia Gandhi and his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh over tea to discuss the smooth functioning of the Parliament and bring an end to the impasse over the GST Bill.

The Prime Minister earlier while addressing the Lok Sabha attempted to bridge the divide over intolerance debate and differences over key legislations by expressing his faith in consensus and declaring that a decision taken by the majority must be the last resort. Highlighting the importance of a healthy discussion in the Parliament, he cited the spirit of discussion in the Lok Sabha is 'us' and not 'me' or 'you'.

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